THE Team Leadership Training Solution

We Help World-Class Business Retain Their Best Team Members

We Do This By Taking Your Business Vision, and Integrating That Into You Team Members Life-Vision

We help your 
Team Develop:

     Radical Ownership     

 Defined Boundaries

      Emotional Intelligence 

   Artistic Negotiation 

     Identity & Agency 

 Mental Energy

 Thrivalist Team Leadership Training is YOUR employee onboarding solution 

 We quickly develop LEADERS inside the doors of your business (in just 90 days)

 Your entire team will become certified Thrivalist's and embody your company vision

We Have Worked With

Trying to Grow Your Business is Hard Enough

You need a healthy team that is ready to drive your vision forward! If not.... 

 Business is chaos (and you lose your best people)

 You waste time trying gimmicky "team-hacks" that just do not work

 You go back to your old leadership ways, and spend thousands trying to find new team members

Thrivalist Team Leadership Training works with your existing vision and HR to raise up leaders within your team, help them reach their highest point of contribution, and become an even MORE powerful asset to your brand. 

The Results: 
- They Stay with You Longer
- Their Performance Increases
- They Stop Thinking About The Next Job

Thrivalist Team Leadership Training has given dozens of businesses a plan for developing TRUE character in their people's lives, which then DIRECTLY translates to a powerful work culture. 

We are confident that our Leadership Training will work for your team too. 

"Thrivalist Leadership Coaching not only had a HUGE impact on my brand, but on my marriage as well!."

-Will Bartholomew
Founder & CEO of D1 Sports

"This coaching brought my team to TRUE synergy for the first time!" 

Chief People Office, Smile Direct Club

"Thrivalist brought us together to create true art as a team" 

-Tyler Ward
Creator of SongHouse


Jamie George has been coaching hi-achieving executives for the last 30 years.

His focus is on 4 areas that create lasting, personal character development that directly translates to a vibrant and effective work culture. 

  • Ownership: Blaming and victimhood permeate most work environments. Ownership Training finally puts a stop to this destructive behavior
  • Boundaries: Staying in your lane and keeping others accountable to theirs is a staple of a healthy work space. 
  • Negotiation: Learning to ask for what is needed, and work together towards a beautiful outcome is what every leader wants. 
  • ​Identity: When your team finally discovers WHO they are are, and what their highest point of contribution is, it lights a FIRE under them, and they perform like nothing you have ever seen. 

Jamie is the author of several books, including the newly released Thrivalist Handbook, A Field Guide to Healthy Life, Work and Relationships

Your Simple Plan for Creating a Thrivalist Team

1. Join the Thrivalist Leadership Training

For just $2,999 per-team member for the 3 month training, you get access to our on-demand personal leadership course, Live weekly Coaching, and the Thrivalist Field-Guide.

2. Implement the 
Thrivalist Team Plan

  • Weekly training: 1 hour a week group coaching call
  • Individual Team Work: 10 minute daily journal review 
  • Being 100% Course: Access to our powerful personal development Course

3. Watch your Team Members Buy Into Your Culture and Stay Longer

With a plan that’s proven to work for growing your personal Thrive capacity, you’ll be amazed at how your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of overwhelm subsides.

Your Membership Gives you Access to: 

  • Our on-demand personal Thrive               course: 
  • Weekly Live-Stream Coaching custom tailored to your specific business
  • The Thrivalist Field-Guide and all             Life-Coaching Templates
  • ​The Complete Work Culture Plan
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